I have two hypertrophic scars that I would like to have removed or faded.


The one on my wrist is about ten years old and is semi-hard to the touch; it is semi-hard to the touch and very discolored. The one on my knee is about five months old; it’s still very soft, but it seems to be getting worse. I’ve been using silicone gelpads on it with minimal success.

I understand that hypertrophic scars are very difficult to successfully remove, but I would like for them to be less discolored or flatter.

– What kind of procedures are available to treat these kinds of wounds?

– How long would they take to heal?

– How much would this cost?

– What clinics specialize in these kinds of scars?

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Thank you for submitting your questions and photos. You have a couple of options for how to go about treatment for your hypertrophic scars. One is surgical, and the other are laser treatments. In the case of your wrist scar, surgery would involve excision or removal of the scar, and a skin graft to replace the excised skin tissue. For your knee, only an excision procedure would be done because the area is small enough. These surgeries can be performed as outpatient procedures, which means, local anesthesia would be used, and you would go back to your hotel after the procedures. However, if the pain is too much to bear and you would like to have general anesthesia and a hospitalized stay, this is also possible as well.

Alternatively, if you do not want surgery, you can have laser treatments done over time,  and at least 5 treatments are recommended to see results, but more may be necessary.  We advise that you receive therapy and treatment at a specialized hospital like ours, where doctors are trained in cosmetic surgery and scar treatment.

The following is a breakdown of these treatment options, which may be suitable for your case:

Two Treatment options:

1) Surgical: Wrist (excision of the scar and skin graft surgery), Knee (excision surgery)
2) Non-surgical: Laser (At least 5 laser times in 1-month, evaluate if further treatments are necessary)

Recovery period and downtime:
1) Surgical: 7-10 days (until stitches are removed)
2) Laser: Normal activity possible on the same day


1 A) Surgical Outpatient (no overnight hospital stay): Local Anesthesia 

Wrist: 1.5-2 million won (~$1,380 – $1,845 USD)

Knee: 250,000 won ($230 USD) per cm (Assuming the knee scar is 3-5 cm) = 245,000-345,000 won  ($226 USD – $318 USD)

Incidental expenses: 200,000 won ($184 USD)

-Surgery with local anesthesia
-Incidental expenses: anesthetic injections, materials such as sutures

1 B) Hospitalization (overnight stay): General Anesthesia 

If you would like a procedure with mask anesthesia or general anesthesia, and if hospitalized because the pain is hard to bear (2 nights and 3 days or 4 nights and 5 days of hospitalization).

Wrist: 1.5-2 million won (~$1,380 – $1,845 USD)

Knee:  250,000 won per cm for knee + 500,000-1,000,000 won ($461 USD – $922 USD) for incidental expenses

= 2.75-4.25 million won (based on standard of 3-5 cm for knee)

-Incidental expenses: hospitalization fees (based on a standard of a room for 6), meals, mask or sleep anesthesia, medicine, materials, etc.

2) Laser

Both knee and wrist together:  450,000 won  ($415 USD) per laser session. Includes anesthetic cream.

  • lebookworm
    What does recovery entail? Would I have to stay bedridden until I heal? Will the scars come back? I know scars on the joints can be very sensitive.
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