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My name is Mike, i’m from Italy, 25 years old.

I want to get plastic surgery because there are a few things that I don’t like about my face.. my nose is too big, and my countoring is really off.. my zygomatic bones are big, and the right side is a bit lower than the left side.. that makes my right eye open a bit more than the right one. So it looks very bad, because it makes my eyes looks smaller. I really feel bad about this.. I don’t take pictures with Friends because I look bad.. I also get “bullied” from some people, it always happened to be honest.. and everytime it happens it just hurts so bad, if onlyIonly could show how bad it feels.. I cry everytime it happens.

I would like to share my photos in private with a doctor, and see what the suggestions are.. all I have saved up are 5,000$, I do have a job, and I would like to know if someone accept loan plans, so if it costs more than 5k I’ll be 100% able to pay per month.. i’m also interested in doing whatever is possible to get a discount, like reviewing the experiece after the surgery, take photos as model for the clinic etc..

Thank You All,

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for sharing your story and question. Many of our users can sympathize with what you have gone through and your goals, so you’re not alone. If you would like to get some initial treatment opinions please fill out our patient intake form:

Patient intake, quote and treatment recommendation

Seoul clinics do not really offer to finance surgeries, you would need to get this on your own via credit cards, bank loans, or friends and family loans.


Rhinoplasty in Seoul can range between $4,500 to $6,500 USD

Zygoma Reduction can range between $3,500 to $5,000 USD

You should also factor:

Flight: $1,000 to 1,600 USD (Rome to Seoul round trip)

Accommodations: $700: $70/ night for 10 nights 

Daily Expenses: $200: $20/day 

Misc/Random expeness: $150


You should be prepared to have at least: $12,500 USD (surgeries and travel expenses). This is assuming average prices and discounting.

Since you have $5,000 that’s means you would need financing for $7,500. The best way would be to either try to save up some more money, if that doesn’t work borrow it from friends/family, if that doesn’t work then try to secure credit cards and loans. 

Also Mike, because of COVID-19, it’s a bit uncertain when people can come to Seoul without a 2-week quarantine. It might be a good goal to aim for age 27  (2 years from now) to have surgeries (saving $314 for 24 months =$7,560) That will give you two years to save money, research, and mentally and physically prepare. And by then things might be a lot better travel-wise. I know things might feel very urgent, but taking this time will also be an opportunity for you to develop patience, understanding, and other personal goals. Trust me, time will go by so quickly.

When you’re ready to come to Seoul be sure to reach out to a licensed plastic surgeon or licensed medical facilitator. 

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