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365mc Bariatric Surgery Center is a leader in Korea Obesity Treatment and also the largest clinic of its kind. We have facilities with focussed departments that cater to international patients. We have 40 obesity specialists and 200 medical staff members, which include resident anesthetic specialists and infection control clinicians. We offer patients several options and treatments in body contouring procedures such liposuction, lipoplasty and weight loss management.

Through our independent R & D center, 365mc is spurring new techniques and innovation on obesity related research such as treatments and standardization, clinical data analysis for weight loss patients, several of which are published in international journals.


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  1. Erica456

    Hello, Guys, I would like to share my first experience of Lipo in Seoul.
    I always get stressed out because of my fatty legs since I was teenager.
    (I am not that fat on my upper body but….bottom part is…….big like an elephant.)

    Googled for liposuction and place for my trip in Korea ( my main purpose of going to Korea is to see my old friend) and then I found several clinics for lipo. All the clinics do lipo and very famous when I looked at B&A photos and some of main ads on online. Looks much better than clinics in New Zealand. (BTW I am from Wellington, NZ) I am quite not sure where should I go for my legs fat removal. so, I decided to ask my friend about the clinics for Lipo. She recommended me one clinic called 365mc where she had lipo on legs and belly. I could not realized she done it when she wears short pants.She helped me to arrange an appointment for consultation at 365mc.

    On the consultation day, I went there with my friend. I was just shocking when I looked at the building……Very tall and big….and also a lot of Koreans on the lobby. A staff gave me a tablet PC to fill out some information then took me to the other floors for next step. Inside of Elevator, B&A photo inside. She told me that photo is a girl from make up over show which is very famous in Korea. I never heard Let Me In but I may can know that show is quite famous because of pics on the building.

    I had a consultation with consultant. The consultant introduced about her then asked me where is my worrying area. She checked my legs, pinched my legs then shows how it would be change, remove all the fats she pinched. I had consultation with the doctor after.(The consultant said, the doctor for today is actual surgeon but he is not your surgeon on the surgery day because, all the doctors on the surgery and can not let them out during the operating) <-I felt sorry that I can not see the doctor, somehow felt safe the doc won't go out for consultation during my operating.

    The doc checked my legs and then fat layer with a machine. He explained each layer of my body layers on the monitor. He said, I have a lot of fat (my fat layer was 3.5cm) but he did not recommend me a lipo on calf.. not enough fat and nothing change on calf. He may suggest a calf botox or calf nerve block surgery to reduce the muscle size. I explained my legs and effect, stitch removals and etc. He was very nice 🙂

    After the docs' consultation, I decided to do my legs lipo in 365mc. The cost was quite high but I liked there. I made appointment for surgery date on Saturday.

    On surgery day, I met my surgeon and had a consultation with him. I directly went to operating room. I wore blue hat, mask then went into airshower, then his own operating room. I saw the doctors pics each operating rooms..it was quite interesting that they have their own operating room. The nurse sprayed red liquid into my body then put globe each hand. She helped me to lay on the bed. When she put the needle on my hand vein, it was very painful. When my surgeon came in, then let me to say, my name, D.O.B, and surgical area. After that he said he will do the best from beginning to end of recovery. It was impressive to me that he mentioned.

    When I wake up, I was on the recovery bed. I ate rice soup, orange juice, then I felt just strange but not that pain what I expected before. The nurse showed my fat and removed 4000cc on my thighs. My friend picked me up after surgery. I felt all okay…on the surgery day.

    I felt heavy pain 2 days after and getting better and better with everything like bruises, swells, and pain. I walked for 30 minutes and drink a lot of water everyday. 7 days after surgery When I was leaving Korea, nothing problem with walk or move.

    Now, 4 months after surgery, I really really love my legs!!! I am very thanks to my friend and 365mc staff and docs. I think I will go to 365mc again to do my arms next time when I have a chance to go to Korea again

    October 7, 2015 at 7:41 am
  2. Divaemz

    I have been wanting to get rid of the fats around my tummy area to have a better body shape and to wear my clothes better. I have tried adominal exercise and diet but no improvement. It did not help that my meals were irregular. 

    During the recent trip to Korea, my friend was going for her follow-up treatment with 365mc Clinic so I decided to find out more about the liposuction process and what my friend went through. After hearing it, I searched for reviews on the clinic and they were all pretty good reviews, from the medical personnel, doctors, to after-care. The clinic is also responsive to my friend’s queries as she was asking on my behalf. As I have seen good results from my friend,  I decided to choose 365mc clinic. Hoping all goes smoothly and to see good results.

    June 15, 2017 at 7:38 am

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