Garosu Plastic Surgery

1-3, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Mon-Wed: 10AM~7PM |Thur: 12PM~7PM |Fri: 10AM~9PM | Sat: 10AM~5PM | Sun: Closed

Garosu Plastic Surgery is know for producing dramatic, yet natural results for facial plastic surgery. It is named after the iconic ‘Garosu’ street in Gangnam (Tree-lined Avenue), and is a boutique clinic popular amongst local Koreans for their ability to make beautiful and natural transformations for its patients.

Their clinic has three skilled plastic surgeons who focus on their own respective specialties and treatment areas. They are known for adopting the latest surgical know-how and follow research-backed best practices to deliver dramatic results that appear natural and beautiful.

Founder’s Thoughts on Garosu Plastic Surgery

Garosu Plastic Surgery can deliver very amazing results and I’ve seen some amazing transformation with my own eyes, especially for nose and eye treatments. Garosu Plastic Surgery is a boutique clinic that offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments for the face and body, such as nose surgery (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery, and anti-aging treatments for the face. The clinic is popular among young socialites in Seoul as well as classier late 30’s to early 50’s female patient’s seeking anti-aging treatments.

Although they do not have English language staff, Dr. Kang can speak decent enough English for a consultation. We recommend booking a medical interpreter if coming here for a plastic surgery consultation. The staff is kind, considerate and polite, however for aftercare you may have some trouble communicating.

We have seen stunning results produced here that more dramatic than subtle, but they do look natural and well done as cosmetic surgery should.

Doctors at Garosu Plastic Surgery

Dr. Moon Seok Kang

Dr. Hyeong Gyo Lee

Dr. Jang Wu Park

Garosu Plastic Surgery Specialties

  • Eyes / Breast augmentation
  • Nose / Rhinoplasty
  • Facial contouring & Vline

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