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Olive Plastic Surgery is well-known for creating beautiful aesthetic lines and natural rhinoplasty. Our surgeon can proudly say that they have extensive expert experience backed by research and succesful surgeries. How we’re different is through our results, which we believe are at best-in-class in plastic surgey. We focus our performance on beautiful nose lines with naturally beautiful tips and pursue relitivley painless and safe rhinoplasty without side effects. Also, we professionally perform difficult nose revision surgeries and make improved results through the latest techniques. We offer a vareity of additional treatments and procedures such as natural and fast recovering double eyelid surgery, partial incision surgery without a concern of scar, buried suture surgery with low possibility of recurrence, difficult revision surgery of eye, permanent autologous fat graft, dark circle surgery, V-line square chin surgery, cheekbone reduction surgery, Breast augmentation surgery by using endoscopy, forehead plastic surgery and so on.


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