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      Where are the best clinics, reputable for eyelid surgery in South Korea, specifically in and near Gangnam place? All I want is to get natural-looking, non-incisional eyelid surgery. I also need someone to take care of me because I will go backpacking alone to South Korea. I heard VIP offers free accommodations.

      I heard that seven-lock or multi-lock are new. See here for example.

      Thank you!

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      Jeet Singh

      Thanks for posting. Eyelid surgery is one of the most common procedures here, so essentially there are an abundance of reputable clinics qualified to perform the procedure both incisional and non-incisional (also known as the ‘pinch method’ or ‘suture technique’). Just start your research journey and feel free to post clinics you come across, but here is a list of clinics to get you started:

      Teuim Plastic Surgery

      Dr. Bom

      Double Eyelid Surgery Korea

      When you say need someone to take care of you, do you mean someone to offer you post operative care? You should be able to walk out of the clinic after the surgery and be all right on your own. It’s among the least intensive recovery wise. I would recommend possibly doing a home stay with a friendly Korean family.

      Here is an explanation from Wonjin Plastic Surgery on Non-incisional

      Seven-lock & multi-lock are often times marketing lingo to simplify surgical terms, and re-brand or take procedures that have become common and make them sound special again. I am going to look more deeper into these terms and verify.

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      Sorta, post operative care for at least two nights because as a solo backpacker, I feel secure if I have someone to take care of me to make speedy recovery.

      You recommend a home stay with a friendly Korean family. How do I find a host Korean family willing to let me stay at their home and to take care of me? Of course, I will pay for their hospitality. I heard you can do that on craiglist or some kind of website?

      I just learned about natural adhesion method. It said that it has a very low chance of coming undone than buried suture method. Is that well true?

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      Jeet Singh

      There are many families – we will be organizing a list of them.

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      When will you complete the list of these home-stay with friendly Korean families who are PS patient friendly? I am really excited for that. This website has been extremely helpful. Thank you so much!!!

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      I am starting to get confused with two methods that have different names: Buried Sutures Method and Natural Adhesion method. Are they different or actually the same thing?

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      Jeet Singh

      We’re going to reach out to clinics for further clarification, but here is my understanding:

      FYI for other readers – sutures are stitches, suturing is stitching.

      The short answer: Buried sutures (tying or stitching together soft tissue under the skin) are used for the majority non-incisional double eyelid surgery today, but all the names you see like Seven Lock, Natural Adhesion, Consecutive non-incision, Single-knot non-incision, etc… are the many different techniques and subtle intricacies of how to perform those buried sutures. Some methods are argued to be more superior to others.

      The long answer:

      Non-incisional double eyelid surgery was first introduced back in 1896, so over the past 100+ years, there have been a lot of advances in the methods of suturing (the knots, quantity of sutures, which layers of soft tissue to tie, where and how to tie them, etc..).

      The simple method involved one to two sutures, but the likelihood of the fold becoming undone was high, then clinics started offering different methods with 3 sutures, and then some offered more security through 5 sutures, and ID hospital offers 7 (i.e, Seven Lock). All methods are essentially considered non-incisional buried sutures, but with variations in technique and quantity of sutures, so they are labeled as different procedures.

      Most modern day non-incisional double eyelid surgery involves buried sutures (stitching/tying and knotting that happens underneath the eyelid with minimal entry and exit piercing and knotting above the top layer of the skin).

      Natural adhesion is a method that seems to add extra technical steps. That technical step according to Grand Plastic Surgery’s natural adhesion method is the following:

      The natural adhesion method starts by inducing adhesion between upper eyelid skin and the muscle that elevates the upper eyelid through small incision holes. After inducing the adhesion, the surgery will be completed by threading (suturing) outer upper eyelid and the membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelids.

      Note: It’s best to confirm with a doctor, which method works best for you. Usually people with thin eyelid skin are the best candidates for non-incisional.

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      Hi, I’m heading to Korea next month for incisional eyelid surgery and possibly rhinoplasty as well. Any recommendations on which clinics? So far I’ve looked at Grand, Bk, VIP, and Semin. Does anyone have any feedback for any of those places or other suggestions? I heard good things about Grand but didn’t think their before and after photos were that great.

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      Hi Cupcake, I recommend Wonjin. I went to Wonjin and I am really happy with my result. Plus the service there is really good. Pls message me privately to get more info from me. I am happy to answer any questions you have. Kiki

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      Jeet Singh

      Congrats on a successful procedure! Please feel free to post a review and share your story, we’d love to hear about it.

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      Different clinic specialise in different things and all docs have their preferred methods/techniques. agree with LovePS, do your research and keep informed. don’t keep sucked in with the b&a pics (which are sometimes photoshopped!!)

      personally i had eyelid surgery, full PRP fat grafting, eyebrow tattoo and various skin treatments all done in Korea

      I’ve been on the journey with other friends and have sat in consults for facial contouring, nose, eyes, PRP fg, zygoma reductions, hair transplant, BA, lipo etc – honestly I’ve been to sooooo many clinics, trust me, it pays to consult!!

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      I have read that Teium is one of the expensive ps but a great place to go for eye surgery. Dr kwon invented the epi? Anyway I am deciding to go there for my Ptosis + double eye surgery.

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      Jeet Singh

      Keep us posted on how everything goes, when do you plan on coming to Korea? It’d be great if you share your journey and experience traveling out here for others, and feel free to ask any questions along the way.

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      @Jeet, is it common for people who already have double eyelids, to get eyelid procedures?

      I have double eyelids but they are quite short horizontally and because of fat on my upper lids, my eyes are hooded so I still have small eyes.

      I was looking into epicanthoplasty, ptosis and I’m not sure if a procedure exists but some fat removal at the upper lid area.

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        Jeet Singh

        Hi Nala,

        Great question. In my opinion, it is not uncommon for people who have naturally occurring double eyelids to opt for eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, and it’s also not uncommon for people who have double eyelids from a previous surgery to have revisional eyelid surgery if they were not pleased with the outcome of their first operation, but the latter may pose some challenges depending upon what was done in the primary or first operation.

        Have you had eyelid surgery before?

        It’s best to Ask Clinics, and a photo would help them to provide a better opinion and recommendation.

        Also you might find this post useful, which explains double eyelid lines

        Double Eyelid Surgery

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      Hello,  I’m looking to have a revision upper eyelid surgery in Seoul South Korea.  Sounds like Teuimps is one of the top clinic for eyelid surgery.  However, the review above was 3 years ago.  I’m thinking about going to ID Hospital or maybe Grand for my surgery.  Please let me know if they’re also one of the top eyelid surgery in Seoul as well.  If not, what clinic and doctor?  THank you


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